Clerics function exactly as the Player’s Handbook class, with the following exceptions.

  • Clerics can wield any weapon, they are not limited to bludgeoning weapons.
  • All clerics are members of a Christian denomination. The dominant local denominations are the Imperial, Catholic, and Odinic Churches.
  • As Christians, they are not permitted to use divine magic to harm sentient beings (those with an intelligence above animal). To use the power of God to strike down an enemy is a mortal sin. This restriction does not apply to those who are enemies of God, such as diabolists.
  • The cleric’s turn undead ability also turns demons/devils and acts as a dispel magic.
  • Clerics do not automatically know all priest spells. Priest spells are not learned from books, but are passed down from one cleric to another. Learning a spell takes the same amount of time as it takes wizards to learn a spell and clerics must make a learn spell check. Clerics need not memorize a spell and need not carry a spell book.
  • Clerics gain spell points through prayer, gaining one spell point for every 10 minutes spent in silent prayer.


  • A cleric can tap into power beyond his normal spellcasting abilities by leading a mass.


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